“I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me. Psalm 57:2


When I was younger the Lord put Africa on my heart and that sounds cliche because everybody and their mom want to go to Africa. But, I have had many different times where He has confirmed it. When coming to IGNITE I thought for sure that this is my time, to travel there. Then the Lord asked me if I was willing to go to Browning?


Recently I have had this fear that he won’t be faithful to this promise of Africa. After thinking about it I realized that the reason that is doubting so much, it’s because IGNITE has been such an opportune time to be sent to Africa. I fearful because the Lord is taking a different route than I expected. This reminds me of the story of Joseph in Genesis. The Lord gave him dreams that he would be great one day, and becoming a slave and sitting in jail probably weren’t the ways he thought he would get there.


This morning I re-strumbled over this verse and the Lord began to speak more. I was left with these question: Why am I so afraid of my future when God always fulfills his purpose for us? And, why am I seeking my purpose in life instead of my God who is the purpose?


As my application: I want to pray that I would have more faith in the Lord when it comes to my future. I also will write out a list of ways the Lord has been faithfull to me in the past as a remembrance to hold fast to promises.


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