“I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them”. Hosea 14:4

I was writing this IBS earlier and I was determined to make it be thought provoking and deep. Then I decided to delete that one, why? Because what I am learning is actually just the simple gospel.

As I have been reading through Exodus, I am walking through the story of Israel. These people loved God, but they doubted and ran from him any chance they could get. This is the exact place I have found myself. I see the wonders of God and still am left wondering am I loved by him.

Yesterday, I took some time and to figure out why I have fallen into feeling unloved? Using this verse the Lord told me that I was again struggling with the gospel of grace. I have been feeling unloved because I can’t measure up to the imaginary line of what I should “look like” spiritually. How could a woman that struggles so much, be loved by the Creator of the Universe?

   The beautiful thing about the book of Hosea is that it’s written to be used as a prophetic symbol of God’s love for Israel. What glories news to the human race. Hosea says that God will heal us of our waywardness/running and he will love us freely with NO restrictions.

  Ann Voskamp says it well: “You never have to overcome your brokenness to claim God’s love. His love has ALREADY overcome your brokenness and claimed you”.

  The fact is that I am never going to measure up, but that’s why God gives his grace because he knows we never could.


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